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We invite applications for a two years post-doctoral position in magnetohydrodynamics in the framework of the MAGNET project (http://magnet.ens.fr).

The MAGNET project has two main objectives. The first objective is to pursue the development of existing magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) numerical codes (ideal-MHD and kinetic codes) to make them freely accessible on line, once extensively tested and fully documented. Their increased versatility is intended to make them suitable to the treatment of a number of problems in astrophysics and geophysics where the magnetic field is known to play a major role. The second objective is to address the question of the generation, structure and influence of magnetic fields in the physics of galaxies, interstellar medium, accretion disks, stars and planets, on numerical and theoretical grounds.

The position will be located at Ecole Normale Superieure, in the centre of Paris with the MHD team. The team has interests in the above described domains of applications of MHD. The issues addressed during the postdoctoral fellowship should greatly benefit from fruitful cross fertilizing exchanges within the team, providing original insights and tools. Large scale simulations in the framework of the MAGNET project will be performed on the local 256 Itanium-cores SGi Altix computer.

Applications are invited in MHD for astrophysical or geophysical applications. The scientific expertise of the candidate should be among one of the following fields: 1- galaxy clusters magnetic fields, galactic dynamos, cosmic magnetism, 2- interstellar medium, MHD turbulence, magnetized molecular cloud collapse, magnetized dense core collapse, MHD and star formation, 3- geophysics, dynamos in planet or stellar interiors. The successful candidate will use and extend one of the 3 MHD codes developed in the MAGNET project (PARODY: spherical harmonics incompressible solver, RAMSES: adaptive mesh refinement high-order Godunov scheme, HERACLES: cartesian, cylindrical or spherical high-order Godunov scheme with radiative transfer). Additional information can be found at http://magnet.ens.fr.

Applicants should have a PhD in plasma physics, astrophysics or geophysics. Candidates should have already demonstrated an outstanding record of research, as well as a significant background in computational physics and computer science.

This 2 years position is funded by an ANR grant (French science foundation). The gross salary will not be less than 30 000 euros annually (2040 euros net per month), and will be adjusted according to experience and family situation. Applications should be sent before March 17th 2008 for full consideration. The decision will be taken by May 1st and the effective work should begin between September 2008 and January 2009 depending on the availabilities of the selected candidate.

To apply, please send a Curriculum Vitae, list of publications, statement of research interests and experience, and arrange for three letters of reference to be sent to:

Dr Emmanuel Dormy
MAG - MHD in Astro & Geophysics
LRA, Departement de Physique
Ecole Normale SupÈrieure
24, rue Lhomond
75231 Paris Cedex 05
Email: dormy@phys.ens.fr