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Authors: S. Fromang, P. Hennebelle, R. Teyssier; E. Dormy

The MHD solver is presented in the following papers:

  • R. Teyssier, S. Fromang and E. Dormy, "Kinematic Dynamos using Constrained Transport with High Order Godunov Schemes and Adaptive Mesh Refinement", Journal of Computational Physics, 2006, 218, 44 PDF

  • S. Fromang, P. Hennebelle and R. Teyssier, "A high order Godunov scheme with constrained transport and adaptive mesh refinement for astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics", Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2006, 457, 371 PDF

CeCILL software license

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Hydro version

You need to download first the original RAMSES package, containing all MPI and AMR routines at COAST web pages.

MHD version

Once you have installed the RAMSES code, you can download the MHD routines in this tar file. You need to untar that file in your top directory. A new directory /mhd will be created in the /ramses tree, at the same level than the other (/hydro, /amr...). In order to compile the MHD version of RAMSES, you need to edit the Makefile in the /bin directory and set SOLVER=mhd.

Test suite

A test suite is available in this tar file. You can compile the corresponding patches in order to run the test cases and compare with the following results:

  • MHD Shock Tube


  • Magnetic Loop


    Magnetic energy density at time t=2 with lmin=5 and lmax=10


    Corresponding AMR grid at time t=2

  • Orszag Tang Vortex


    Density map at time t=0.5 with lmin=5 and lmax=9


    Corresponding AMR grid at time t=0.5

  • MHD Rotor


    Density map at time t=0.15 with lmin=5 and lmax=9


    Corresponding AMR grid at time t=0.15

  • Current Sheet


    Pressure at time t=2 with lmin=5 and lmax=9


    Corresponding AMR grid at time t=2

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